How It Was

Our History

We take pride in being farmers. Our success lies in the fact that we are committed towards ethical farming, and have always strived to deliver the highest quality organic and sustainable produce to our customers. Being one of the largest pineapple cultivators in Kerala, over the years, we have established a strong domain footprint, as well as forged win-win relationships with other local farmers. These partnerships enable us to provide the highest quality juices, and at cost-effective prices . Thus, you can be absolutely certain that only the best goes into our Botanic Fresh Juices.


Our Approach

100% Natural Ingrediants:

We’re in the business of caring for your good health. We keep it simple – ethical farming techniques and zero harmful chemicals, there is no compromise.

Naturally ripened fruits:

A fruit is at it’s most fruitful when it is ‘just ripe’ – the perfect state of maturity. Our experts visit the farms daily to pick only the perfectly ripe ones.

Cutting and cold pressing :

Cutting is an art. It’s also a science. Our cold pressed technique of juice extraction and our experienced fruit cutters ensure great freshness and taste.

Botanic Way of Life:

It is a life that is closer to nature, rich in fruits and vegetables, enabling our body to heal and flourish. Nurturing lives.

  • Farm to Customers
  • Need of Fruits & Veggies – minimum intake of Fruits & Veggies , The more you eat the more will get.
  • Free from Chronicle diseases
  • Say Thank you Earth.