What is clod pressed ?

Cold pressed method that is proven to yield 3-5x more nutrients than other methods. Slow pressing eliminates heat from the juicing process and decreases oxygenation in order to create better tasting, more nutritionally beneficial juices!. The cold pressed method used by Botanic Fresh delivers maximum enzymes, vitamins and antioxidants through delicious tasting juice

What is the difference between clod pressed and conventional juicing ?

This is different from conventional juicing methods (centrifugal) which move very quickly, leave much of the nutrients behind in the pulp, generate heat from high speed motors and introduce oxygen into the juice, all of which decrease juice nutritional profile.

  • High Quality: Our cold pressing process creates a smooth, pulp-free, vibrant and delicious tasting juice.
  • Full of NUTRITION: Cold pressing is proven to yield 3-5x more nutrients than other methods; juice is extracted from the pulp with the most minimal oxidation.
  • Delicious and Tasty : Cold pressing allows for maximum enzyme retention, creating a juice abundant in healthy nutrients your body can readily use.

Why it is in Pet Bottle ?

It is very simple & convenient for kids to Old, The juices are packaged in a recyclable PETE #1 bottles, the most environmentally friendly form of plastic.

Where does your produce come from?

We source most of our produce from our own farms and tie up with local farmers who practice sustainable farming methods. Sourcing locally not only ensures the freshest, most flavourful product, but also supports the environment, handling, travelling time, selection of raw fruits etc.


All of our cold pressed juices and juice cleanses are:

* 100% VEGAN

Is the cold press juices are good for children’s ?

Absolutely, Cold-pressed juice is a great addition to a daily routine and is an excellent alternative to sugary drinks or heat-pasteurized juices, which are void of nutrition. We do not recommend cleansing of any kind for a child – please consult your personal physician

What is the importance of Cleansing?

Periodic cleansing is one of the best tools you have to achieve vibrant health in a toxic world. If you feel tired, heavy, bloated, or simply imbalanced Reset your health and restore your energy levels with fresh juice cleanse.

How often may I Cleanse?

We suggest embarking on a three day juice cleanse whenever you feel that your eating habits need to be improved. If you are feeling lethargic, bloated or simply not yourself, it is a good indicator that it is time to cleanse. Many people do a one day cleanse at the beginning of the week as a mini reset after their weekend. Feasting is good for whoever is doing it at first time.

Am I allowed to eat solid foods while on the juice cleanse?

We strongly encourage you to stick with just the juices if possible, but it is important to listen to your body. If your body needs something more, and you feel confident that your hunger is more than simply a craving to chew, we recommend fruits cups or salads

Am I getting enough fiber?

Botanic Fresh cleanse are designed to give your digestive system a rest as a way to facilitate an expedited cleansing process. With this in mind, the juices intentionally do not contain large amounts of fiber in order to avoid the need for your body to break down fiber, which in turn conserves energy to be used in the cleansing process itself.

How do I Store my Juices?

Juices need to be refrigerated immediately upon receipt to remain properly temperature controlled. If juices do not remain cold (and are left out), they will begin to ferment and rapidly lose nutritional value as well as taste!

Where do I contact for more clarifications?

Contact us at info@projectjuice.com! We love to get your emails.

Disclaimer – The current state of your health –

You MUST NOT attempt juice Cleansing Or fasting if your current state of health falls under any of these – if your are pregnant, .If you are diabetic or suffer from hypo/hyper-glycemia, if you are undergone a surgery, if you are you’re Anemic, have low blood pressure, a terminal disease, epilepsy or any other chronic conditions.


Cleansing or feasting is best for people who have health problems and WANT to get well. But, if you fall under the above categories, you can fast only under close supervision of a health professional, not on your own

Taste and price of the product will vary based on the tropical conditions and rate of raw materials